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Kikoi Sling


Attending a wedding in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013, guests were given a selection of locally crafted goods including a wonderful bag.  Once back home, I started using the bag (this blue one pictured)

whenever heading to the

shops as I soon realised

how amazing this bag

really was.  It carries an

amazing amount, is

lightweight and easily fits

in a pocket. 


After a few months of use,

I thought I'd like another bag

as it was much better than all the tote bags I had been using for shopping.  I also thought I should get some for friends and family.  To my surprise they were not readily available but my friend, Ash, in Nairobi had a few extras to send me.  Friends and family confirmed how brilliant they also found the bags, so working with Ash - the founder of  Maasai Treads (who make fabulous shoes made from old car tyres)  - and their team of artisans, we've created The Kikoi Sling Company to make these wonderful bags available to all, while expanding the skillset and opportunities of the Maasai Treads team.

Thank you for giving our Kikoi Sling a try.  We're sure it will be a trusty companion to you for years to come.

Kikoi Sling bag
Our sister brand Maasai Treads make fabulous shoes and sandals recycling tyres and inner tubes.
Kikoy partner
Maasai Treads
Maasai Treads

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